K-10000 tower crane by KROLL GIANT TOWERCRANES is by far the largest tower crane in the world.

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This site is all about the Kroll K-10000 tower crane, and only about K-10000 tower cranes,
 made by KROLL GIANT TOWERCRANES in Denmark, where the crane is known as KRØLL K-10000.

This site comprises 32 sections, indexed below, to which you gain graphical access from the DETAILS Selection Page.

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Tower Cranes of America, Inc. has from 1965 and until recently owned and operated a large rental fleet of normal-size tower cranes, 
which has given us a wealth of general tower crane experience, that we now can share with others without any risk of commercial bias.

We shall be pleased to help you with any towercrane related questions or problems you might have, such as towercrane footings, towercrane erection planning, towercrane support, towercrane anchoring, towercrane dismantling, towercrane safety, towercrane accidents etc.


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01 Summary Specs 09 CW Trolleys 17 Ultra Winch 25 Safety Systems
02 A Few Photos 10 Counterweights 18 Tie Bar Strut 26 General Information
03 Concrete Footing 11 Jib Tie Bars 19 Main Jib 27 Dimensions
04 Rotating Base 12 CW Trolley Drive 20 Service Crane 28 Erection Sequence
05 Tower Sections 13 Service Platforms 21 Ultra Lift 29 Erection Photos
06 Access Elevator 14 Stairways 22 Load Trolleys 30 Operating Photos
07 Operator's Cabin 15 Trolley Drive 23 Lifting Capacity 31 FAQs
08 Counterweight Jib 16 Main Winch 24 Operating Speeds 32 WEB Links