K-10000 tower crane


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The K-10000 towers above what would
normally be considered huge cranes

The components are large.
Click to enlarge the photo,
then look at the man at the end of the jib.

Installation of lower tower sections
is done by mobile crane.
Installation of upper tower sections
is done by the service crane
-   -   -   - THE CONVERTIBLE HOISTING BLOCK  -   -   -   -
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The hoisting block of the main trolley landed in its cradle.
The main hoisting block is here carried in 2 parts of hoisting line.

The intermediate hoisting block,
which is always carried in 4 parts,
is lowered to the main block
When the intermediate block
is pinned to the main block,
we now have 6 parts of line
The winch has
a Line Pull of
22,000 lbs
=10.000 kg
    HOIST     - - CAPACITY - -
    LINES        LBS         KG

         2           22,000    10.000
         6         132,000    60.000
       12         264,000  120.000
Combining the outer 6 parts block
with the inner 6 parts block
results in 12 parts of line

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