K-10000 tower crane


Just as the K-10000 tower crane itself,
the Operator's Cab is very large;
the size of a large van.
Positioned over 6 m off center,
the Operator sees the Trolleys
against a side-view of the Jib,
affording easy references when
"two more inches out" is requested.

In centrally positioned cabs, the Operator is required to rely upon depth perception, obviously a much harder task.
The Operator's view from a tower crane
is very privileged; nobody on site has a better simultaneous view of the pick-up and the delivery locations.
Instrumentation gives readings of Hook Level, Hook Load, Load Moment, CW positions etc.
A window under the floor grate
allows the Operator to easily see
the ground all the way into his tower.
The Control Consoles and the Seat
are adjustable in all useful directions 


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