K-10000 tower crane


The K-10000 tower crane has a different counterweight arrangement than what is typically encountered on tower cranes.

There are two kinds of Counterweight:

Fixed - straddling the CW Jib
at its outer end

Mobile - hanging in two CW Trolleys

The CW Trolleys are individually powered to travel between their minimum radii and their maximum radii.
The CW Travel is semi-automatic.
It s under Operator control, but only possible when the Load Condition either allows it or requires it.

CW Travel is only allowed when all other tower crane motions are at standstill.
CW Trolleys are Parked, either at their minimum radius or at their maximum radius, while the crane is working.
The smaller cluster is the the Small CW Trolley parked at its max. radius, under the Fixed CW.  The large cluster is the Large CW Trolley parked at its min. Radius.


Installation of all Counterweight Blocks is done with mobile crane
as part of the erection of the tower crane.


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