K-10000 tower crane


The Service Crane is motivated by two considerations of the same cause:

It can substantially reduce the height requirement of the mobile crane used for erection of the K-10000 tower crane.

It can eliminate the need for a tall mobile crane for servicing of the Hoist and Trolley Winches on the K-10000.

The Service Crane is a self-telescoping tower crane, which needs mobile crane assistance for its own installation only for its first 40 ft, whereafter it gains its remaining height by its own devices.

If the K-10000 tower crane is installed to a low height, and/or if an adequate mobile crane is available on site, the Service Crane may not be desired or needed. 

The Service Crane has a capacity of 6,600 lbs anywhere on its jib, more than ample for both its erection assistance and mechanical service tasks. 


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