K-10000 tower crane



How can you possibly claim that two men only need 15 minutes to reeve the K-10000 hoist rope.  I have been operating large mobile cranes for many years, and it is always several hours of hard work for 3-4 men to lay on a new rope or to change from two to six lines.    



We have never claimed that two men can lay on a new rope in 15 minutes; that may take 3-4 men a whole day.  There is slightly over 4,000 ft of rope.

What we do claim is that two men, the operator plus one man on the ground,  can change the reeving from 2 to 6 parts or from 6 to 2 parts in less than 15 minutes, 5 minutes is possible, and neither of them will have touched the rope.

We further claim that the operator plus two men on the ground can change the reeving from 6 to 12 parts or from 12 parts to 6 parts in less than half an hour, 15 minutes is possible, and none of the three will have touched the rope.

Because of the way it is done, it does not matter much whether it is raining, snowing or windy.

The reeving change is difficult to explain in just words, but easy to understand on photographs.  The process is explained and richly illustrated in THE CONVERTIBLE HOISTING BLOCK, which you would encounter under A FEW PHOTOS or TROLLEY on the Detail Selection Page.


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